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ABNT Mentoring Programme

Although neurology remains a popular choice of career in many areas of the country this is not the case everywhere. Changes in medical school curricula and in junior doctor training mean that many doctors have less exposure to neurology than previously. Moreover, junior SHO-level jobs in neurology often do not provide an adequate representation of what a future neurology career will be like. To address this the ABNT have set up a Mentoring Programme in neurology, with the aim of supporting individuals who show an interest in neurology, enabling them to manage their career development in an effective and efficient manner.

The aim is to develop a scheme that consists of a number of one-to-one mentor-mentee relationships between neurology registrars and junior doctors interested in a career in neurology. Mentors can offer advice about career progression and general support and guidance in developing a career in neurology. We hope that the scheme will help mentees understand what they want from their career and to help them set goals for personal and professional development as well as helping them to increase their self-confidence and ability to self-reflect. We will also aim to help mentors understand their role in mentoring and provide appropriate training to allow them to fulfil their role.

If you are interested in being a mentor then please apply now by filling in a brief application form which can be downloaded here. Last year we held some formal training for mentors, which was very successful. Run by the RCP, it was subsidized but there was a small charge. If there is sufficient interest again this year we'll run another!

If you are interested in a career in neurology and would like to be mentored then please fill in the application form which can be downloaded here. Applications for 2018 open in May..

Please return completed forms to the ABN Office no later than 30th June 2018 via e-mail or post to:

ABNT Mentoring Programme
Ormond House
27 Boswell Street
London WC1N 3JZ

For further information please e-mail Sian Alexander.

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