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Neurology ST3 recruitment 2017

Neurology ST3 recruitment for 2017 is open to applications from Wednesday 1st February 2017 until
Weds 22nd February 2017 (4pm, UK time) and as previously will use a national single-centre model of recruitment. Applicants can apply for as many specialties as they wish, in addition to neurology.

Neurology interviews for all deaneries are advertized as being held between 6th March and 26nd April 2016, but in the past have taken place over two consecutive days, the dates of which will be released via the JRCPTB website in due course. As previously the interviews will take a three-station format, and a final score is based on the both the application form score and the interview score. Candidates scoring highest will be offered first choice of deanery.

The East of England deanery offers posts with a hybrid of academic and clinical responsibilities and therefore recruits separately from the rest of the country (providing there are available posts), although interviews will take place on the same day and all applicants will still only attend one clinical interview. Those in consideration for East of England will also undergo a separate academic station.

As in previous years JRCPTB are running the application process through their Oriel application system, which you must first register with before completing and submitting your application form, including preferences of available post vacancies.

Applicants not applying directly from a CMT post

JRCPTB have changed the rules for applicants who have taken time out after completing Core Medical Training (CMT). From 2016, anyone whose CMT sign-off was earlier than 1st January three years prior to the year of application (i.e. 1st Jan 2014 for 2017 applicants) needs to submit an Alternative Certificate of Core Competence with their application. Link here to more information.

Further information

For more information on Neurology ST3 recruitment, try the following links:

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